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Изменения для Xiaomi Mi A2 Screen Replacement Введения

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Learn howThe screen is the output component to replace your Xiaomi MI A2 (Global: Xiaomi Mi 6X)present information and is made up of the glass panel, screendigitizer, and LCD display sandwiched together. If you are experiencing visualscreen issues such as cracked glass, glitchy graphics, colored lines across the panel or unresponsive touch on your phoneXiaomi Mi A2 (Model M1804D2SG), use this guide to replace the LCD panel (The screen). Before you begin with this guide for a panel that won’t turn on make sure you have checked all possible issues for why a phone won’t output anything, outlined in [[Xiaomi Mi A2 Troubleshooting#Section_Phone_will_not_turn_on|this guide]]. If your display is shattered, follow [guide|103487|this guide] to reinforce your screen to avoid injury until you replace the display.

replacement will help remedy these issues. This part comes with the front-facing camera, earpiece speaker and LCD shield plate already installed, making for an easier repair. Before beginning, make sure to power off your phone completely and disconnect from any external power source.