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Изменения для Nintendo Switch Right Joy-Con Shell Replacement Введения

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Nintendo Switch Right Joy-Con
Right Joy-Con Shell
After heavy use or excessive force, the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con casing may become worn or cracked. This may expose the Joy-Cons’ electronics, putting them at risk for further damage. However, Joy-Cons may remain functional without a new shell. We suggest replacing the shell before you have to buy a new pair of Joy-Cons. If you wish to fix a worn Switch casing, use this guide to replace the right Joy-Con shell.
Note that the [guide|130378|procedure for repairing the Left Joy-Con] is different.
Though replacing a Joy-Con shell involves only unscrewing and moving electronic parts, some steps require precision to re-attach small parts.
Because the Joy-Cons are separate from the main system, you do not have to turn off your Switch before replacing the Joy-Con shells.