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Changes to Nexus 7 2nd Generation Teardown Introduction

Edit by Jake Devincenzi

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Heads up, Nexus 7's up! We didn't get enough Google this morning with the [guide|16069|Chromecast], so we're back at it tearing into the guts of the second iteration of Nexus 7 tablet. Without even allowing our spudgers time to cool down, we eagerly dove into the deep dark depths of the newest tablet. [ … ] We're tearing down devices faster than molasses in January, and mis-quoting idioms like it's everybody's business. So don't miss out! Follow our [http://instagram.com/ifixit|Instagram], [https://twitter.com/iFixit|Twitter], and [http://www.facebook.com/iFixit|Facebook] to be kept in proximity of the loop!