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Изменения для Macintosh 128K Teardown Введения

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Join us as we live the time-traveller's dream—the deep, lucid, Orwellian vision of hope, fear, and nostalgia that is 1984. Just in time for its 30th anniversary, we laid hands on an '84 original: the 128K Macintosh and128K. And, you guessed it, we're going to tear it apart.
Today's blast from the past is brought to you with some help from [http://cultofmac.com/|Cult of Mac] and [http://vintagemacmuseum.com/|The Vintage Mac Museum]. Cult of Mac Notes: No vintage Macinti were harmed in the making of this guide. Our sacrificial 128K had already passed beyond the veil before its noble sacrifice.
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