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Изменения для Trek 800 Bicycle Rear Tire Bike Tube Replacement Введения

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How to replace a punctured bikepuctured bicycle tube on a Trek 800 bicycle.
If you notice that your bicycle tire is flat and re-inflating does not work or has a slow leak, you need to replace your bicycle tube inside the tire. This guide will demonstrate the process and steps required to fix a worn or punctured bike tube on a Trek 800 model bicycle.
Learn how successfully remove and replace a worn or punctured rear bicycle tube. Similar procedure can be applied to a front bicycle tube.


  • Generic Air Pump x1 Verify the bike pump head will fit onto your valve. There are two types: Presta and Schrader. added.
  • Tire Levers x1 Optional added.
  • Generic Air Pump x1 removed.