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Изменения для Apple Watch Screen Replacement Введения

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Cracked the glass on your Apple Watch? Time to get that fixed up. Follow this guide to replace the screen—which includes the OLED display and fused glass digitizer (touchscreen).
As a precaution against damaging your device, this guide starts by disconnecting the battery, in the only way you can—by removing it.
Be sure to follow our [guide|41083] guide when you're done.
'''To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse orderour [guide|41083] guide.'''


  • Tri-point Y000 Driver Bit x1 added.
  • Curved Razor Blade x1 added.
  • iFixit Opening Picks (Set of 6) x1 added.
  • iOpener x1 added.
  • iFixit Opening Tool x1 added.


  • Apple Watch (38 mm) Adhesive Strips x1 added.