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in this guild you will learn that before mp3 player people actually bought there own music! whats even funnier is that you could safely make a copy for a friend and not be under a copyright infringement. also if you fallow the instructions it should still work.
Before the introduction of MP3 players, people bought their own music. What is more interesting is the fact that one could safely copy the music for a friend, without being under any copyright infringement!
Sony walkman wm-4 is a second generation cassette player, which was highly popular during this time. This guide tells you how to open a Sony walkman wm-4 and look inside it. To open the wm-4 walkman, please follow the steps listed here.
this is the guild on how to open your Sony walk man and look around inside it.
In this guide, you will learn how to open a Sony walkman wm-4 (a second generation cassette player).