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[ ]DVD Drive
[ ]Repairing Xbox 360 DVD Drive
As many of you may already know, the DVD drive is matched or "locked" to the motherboard. Put simply, it is not intended to be a "pop-out/pop-in" repair. [ … ] This repair involves purchasing a new drive (after verifying which model you have), and repairing the components that have failed [ … ] In most cases that I've seen, its either the ejection assembly or the laser assembly - both which can be done in a fairly reasonable amount of time, and the laser replacement requires no soldering (removing entire slide assembly) [ … ] I will be posting images of a drive teardown (Philips), and parts identification [ … ] Component Level Diagnosis [ … ] Common Symptoms and failed parts identification: [ … ] SYMPTOM: Slow/No-load but drive is audible [ … ] CAUSE: Dirty/damaged laser assembly [ … ] RECOMMENDED REPAIRS: Run a DVD cleaning disc in the console; if this doesn't cure or improve the problem ,then replace the laser assembly [ … ] SYMPTOM: Fails to eject/slow eject [ … ] CAUSE: Dirty ejection mechanism; weak eject motor; streched ejection motor belt [ … ] REPAIR: Clean ejection mechanism with compressed air and lubricate with white lithium grease; replace motor and belt if no improvement
[ ]To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.
This repair will require a teardown of the Xbox 360 console as well as the DVD Drive [ … ] If you are experiencing DVD Drive issues and need to replace it, the method I have been using is a little more involved but has worked every time I've done one