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[* black] Now we come to the trigger control group. Now these are easy to take out, but an absolute pain to put back in on series 80 styles (70 styles not so hard since there is no safety actuator).
[* black] Pull out smaller pin, then just shake the little parts out. You can also take them out 1 at a time to see how they go back in (tweezers help).
-[* orange] Safety actuator (on series 70 styles only)
-[* red] Disconnector (disconnects sear from hammer)
-[* yellow] Sear (holds hammer back until trigger is pulled)
+[* orange] Safety actuator (on series 80 styles only)
+[* red] Disconnector (disconnects sear from hammer, allowing it to fall onto the firing pin)
+[* yellow] Sear (holds hammer in place (cocked) until trigger is pulled)