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[* icon_note] Opening your phone will compromise its waterproof seals. Have replacement adhesive ready before you proceed, or take care to avoid liquid exposure if you reassemble your phone without replacing the adhesive.
[* black] Apply a [guide|25705|heated iOpener|new_window=true] to a long edge of the phone for about two minutes.
[* icon_note] You may need to reheat and reapply the iOpener several times to get the phone warm enough. Follow the iOpener instructions to avoid overheating.
[* icon_caution] Some compact or low-wattage microwaves may require more than 30 seconds. Some work best at around 45 seconds. Be extremely careful about increasing the time, as you can easily overheat the iOpener. Only do so if you have already established that 30 seconds will not be enough, and you have allowed your iOpener to cool.
[* icon_caution] A hair dryer, heat gun, or hot plate may also be used, but be careful not to overheat the phone—the OLED display and internal battery are both susceptible to heat damage.