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-[* black] Once we get things untangled, we find a hand cable—each finger hosts a button. If you squint really hard, and tilt your head slightly to the left, you can almost make out Siri giving us one of those fingers.
-[* black] In terms of repairability, the hand cable is bad news: if one button goes, they all go.
-[* black] The good news is that the camera might escape the grip of death because it's not soldered onto the hand cable.
+[* black] Our next step is to peel the volume buttons/microphone/LED flash/power button ribbon cable assembly from the rear case.
+[* black] The rear-facing camera is easily removed from the entire ribbon cable assembly.
+[* black] We've seen this type of design in previous Apple products. The shift to a singular ribbon cable is more cost-effective for the manufacturer, but unfortunately it has a negative impact on repairability.
+[* black] Replacing one component requires replacing the entire ribbon cable assembly.

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