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[* black] '''Conclusion:''' In all my cases I succeeded in opening the stuck shutter, BUT: often stuck shutter had a reason. Might be increased friction or some debris, dust, etc. So even if opening shutter was successfull, it could happen that it shortly thereafter sticks again or even remains open.
[* black] So even if you succeeded in opening, reverse polarity, close it again, open again,... Do this with decreasing voltage down to less than 4volts. Only if this works flawlessly to 100% again and again you have good chances really having solved the problem. Make some breaks between to give the coil the chance to cool down and afterwards keep trying!
[* black] So good luck! Hope this will help, though these cameras are rather old now. '''It surely also applies more or less (at least in principle) on others of the Powershot family.'''