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[title] (optional, but recommended) Disconnect lower connector 1 of 5, and 2 antenna cables
[* black] The motherboard will hinge up along the black horizontal bar as seen in the photo. You do not need to fully disassemble the motherboard, flex cables, etc. per other guides.
[* black] Although this lower connector and two black and white antenna cables can flex up when the motherboard is tilted up, it is smarter to disconnect just in case.
[* black] Disconnect the lower connector using the spudger/guitar pick. You may need to use a fine tip, flat screwdriver to very gently pry up the antenna connectors by the silver connector covers, then use the spudger/guitar pick/fingers to fully disconnect. Pull up and off. Try to avoid using the black and white antenna cables to pry.
[* black] The black antenna cable fits into a guide slot along the edge. It'll come out when you disconnect the connector, so upon reassembly, make sure the cable goes back into the guide slot.

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