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+[* black] I would love to write a correct guide but unfortunately I don't have the time. If you try to open a 2nd Gen. iPod the way described here you will break almost certainly break the plastic frame attached to the glass front on the underside and also damage the rubber seal. Don't insert any tool between the glass and the rubber seal, insert between the case and the rubber seal instead.
[* black] Gently insert an iPod opening tool between the glass front panel and its plastic surround near the volume control buttons.
[* black] Rotate the tool away from the Touch to pry up on the glass panel.
[* icon_note] The key is to work slowly and gently to avoid breaking internal components.
[* icon_note] If you are having difficulties using a plastic opening tool. You could try a razor blade, we found it easier to release the clips with one. Please be ***extremely*** careful if you take this route!