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-[* black] Use the flat end of a spudger or your fingers to carefully peel up the foam that's lightly adhered to the fan.
+[* black] Peel the two foam pieces stuck over both the heatsink and the fan away from the fan.
+[* icon_caution] Don't try to peel the foam directly using your fingers, nails or a flat ended tool. The foam pad is really delicate and you might end up tearing apart the foam.
+[* icon_note] To properly peel the foam pads use a tool with a cone ending like [link|https://eustore.ifixit.com/products/spudger|a spudger] by placing the tip right below the part of the foam that isn't stuck against anything, then lightly press the foam against the tip with your finger and roll the tool all the way to the other end of the foam (see video).
[* icon_note] The foam only needs to be peeled back enough to clear the fan.


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