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[* black] Take the blue sponge out of the yellow filter housing.
[* black] In a sink, using cold water, throughly clean both the blue sponge filter as well as the gray screen filter on the yellow filter housing.
[* icon_note] Allow the blue sponge filter to absorb as much water as possible, then wring it out like a normal sponge (careful not to rip it!). Do this a few times until the water that you wring out of it is clear.
[* icon_note] Clean the screen filter on the yellow filter housing by allowing a strong water flow to run through all its surface. Continue to allow the water run through until it begins to flow clear.
[* black] When the water runs clear through both the sponge and the screen filters, fully wring out the sponge and bang the filter housing against something until they are both as dry as possible. Set them both aside to dry.
[* icon_caution] Both the blue sponge filter and the yellow filter housing need to be completely dry before reinstalling them in your vacuum. Using your vacuum with a wet filter or without a filter at all can severely damage your vacuum.