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[* black] Use a pair of tweezers to slide the click wheel ribbon cable out of its socket.
[* icon_caution] Before proceeding, be sure that '''both''' the '''click wheel ribbon cable socket''' ''and'' '''its cable''' are freed from the adhesive securing them to the dock connector and logic board.
[* black] Peel back the cable on both ends!
[* black] The click wheel cable socket stays with the case. Use care when sliding module out as there is a metal support on the module that can hang up on the click ribbon cable.
[* black] The lock switch cable is lightly glued to the battery and must be removed carefully. It remains attached to the module.
[* black] The battery is attached to the module with two-sided tape. The battery mus be removed from the module before un soldering.
[* black] You need a fine point pencil solder iron to remove the battery attachment. I very steady hand and magnifying glass help. Un-solder one point at a time starting at top. After removing solder ribbon cable, go back and touch solder tip to solder point to flatten and smooth them. Lay new battery cable over solder point and briefly touch iron to each point to attach cable. After all 3 point are soldered, put a tiny drop of solder on the iron point and apply to the top of each ribbon point to finish.
[* black] After re-assembly use 5 minute epoxy to fasten the plastic top and bottom covers. Use extreme care not to apply glue in the top lock switch channel.