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[* black] Hmmm… This optical drive feels really heavy. It appears much larger than [guide|814|most optical drives|stepid=4423], so we take it to the scales!
[* black] ''424.2 grams!'' That means that the optical drive accounts for nearly a third of the 1.5-kg device.
[* black] We suspect that the large optical drive may be a by-product of the larger motherboard underneath. A case expansive enough to accommodate the motherboard leaves some extra room for a bigger optical drive.
[* icon_note] Possible benefits to using a clunkier disc-reader could be reduced cost, quieter operation, or improved longevity over a slimmer drive.
[* black] Having one of my own,and hearing this monster of a drive in operation, it's insert mechanism is extremely quiet and during operation, the rotational speeds on the other hand are very high since all data is loaded from the disc due to the lack of a internal HDD. So if a chunkier drive is needed, it really makes a difference during real time use.