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[* black] I can has heat dissipation? To keep the iMac cool and happy, Apple's included six temperature sensors, three fans, and two gigantic heat sinks.
[* black] View high resolution shots of the [http://s1.guide-images.ifixit.com/igi/ktLKDUFPyGmyPPQJ|front] and [http://s1.guide-images.ifixit.com/igi/g1q3TMAZD1skKwhG|back].
[* black] To put the massive size of the heat sinks in perspective, check out the relative size of the USB ports on the bottom left of the board.
[* black] Notice the PRAM battery on the logic board (circular silver disc) for storing date and time when the power is disconnected.
[* black] The processor is socketed, but there's a "Warranty void if removed" sticker above one of the screws that attached the heat sink.
+[* icon_note] Our 3.06 GHz E7600 Core 2 Duo processor is a LGA 775 Socket T CPU. There are some Core 2 Quad chips that use the same socket, but we don't know if they would work. The i5 and i7 quad-cores included in the high-end 27" iMac use a different socket, LGA 1156 Socket H.