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[* black] Removing the battery is also easy as pie, thanks to the small notch at the bottom.
[* black] With 11.781 Wh (3,060 mAh @ 3.85 V) this juice box is not the biggest around these days. But, it will get you through the day—and after a few years of usage, you can replace it in a jiffy.
[* icon_note] It beats the [guide|123256|Google Pixel 3a|stepid=238142|new_window=true] (11.55 Wh) but cannot quite reach the [guide|113021|iPhone Xs Max|stepid=216142|new_window=true] (12.08 Wh), let alone the [guide|125456|shift 6m|stepid=242530|new_window=true] (16.3 Wh).
[* blue] It looks like the battery is built more like a laptop pack? with a stiff plastic casing and recessed connectors...something I haven't seen even on phones with removable batteries. -Arthur
[* blue] We should say something about those... motivational blurbs they printed on the battery & battery well...