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-[* black] Your regularly scheduled programming will resume after this brief intermission to ~~storm Area 51~~ stick it to The Man.
-[* icon_note] We're pressing pause on our teardown to stand in solidarity with today's Climate Strike, happening around the world.
-[* black] Sure, gadget guts are cool, but that's not the only reason we're tearing down the new iPhone.
-[* icon_caution] [https://www.ifixit.com/Right-to-Repair/E-waste|E-waste|new_window=true] is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. By taking apart the latest gadgets and assessing their [https://www.ifixit.com/smartphone_repairability|repairability|new_window=true], we help consumers make better choices—and pressure [https://www.ifixit.com/Right-to-Repair/Manufacturing|manufacturers|new_window=true] to make stuff that's built to last.
-[* icon_reminder] We'll be back after we walk down to the courthouse. Meanwhile, you can learn more about why we're participating in the Climate Strike [https://www.ifixit.com/News/join-us-in-striking-for-global-climate-action|on our blog|new_window=true].
+[* black] We put on our best chip detector specs and go to work. Here's what we can identify so far:
+ [* red] Apple APL1W85 A13 Bionic SoC layered over SK Hynix H9HKNNNCRMMVDR-NEH LPDDR4X
+ [* orange] Apple APL1092 343S00355 N018K600AL 01930
+ [* yellow] Cirrus Logic 338S00509 audio codec
+ [* green] Unmarked USI package—possible candidate for the U1 ultra-wideband chip, but don't quote us on that quite yet ;)
+ [* light_blue] Avago 8100 Mid/High band PAMiD

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