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[* black] There was absolutely nothing wrong with the XS Max display—apart from it being really, really expensive—so we're unsurprised to see this year's "XDR" display looks superficially very similar.
[* icon_reminder] However, this "XDR" display does not have a $999 stand, so it's basically unusable.
[* black] One minor but helpful update is that the three flex cables all congregate in the same place—so there are fewer booby traps when slicing open the phone for repair.
[* black] We ''did'' expect the loss of the [guide|49951|3D Touch layer|stepid=108290|new_window=true] to factor in a little more—this display measures about a quarter of a millimeter thinner than its predecessor, and that's all. That plus the ''slight'' increase in the iPhone's overall thickness is apparently responsible for a good chunk of the increased battery capacity.
-[* black] One last [https://d3nevzfk7ii3be.cloudfront.net/igi/AP2N4TCFlBAGNQBX.full|chip|new_window=true] hides under a shield: S2D0S23 G1927K3Q 608HVG.
+[* black] One last [https://d3nevzfk7ii3be.cloudfront.net/igi/AP2N4TCFlBAGNQBX.full|chip|new_window=true] hides under a shield: Samsung S2D0S23 display power management IC