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[* icon_note] The rear half of the enclosure is bolted to the handle support, so the front half will be removed first.
[* black] Pull the front half of the enclosure straight away from the rear half to separate the enclosure.
- [* icon_note] The interlock assembly is attached to the rear half of the enclosure, but will likely stick to the posts on the front half. If this happens, do not fully remove the front half yet.
- [* black] If the interlock assembly is stuck to the front half of the enclosure, pull it straight off of its posts on the front half and gently push it onto the two posts near the top of the rear half.
+ [* icon_note] If the interlock assembly comes out with the front half of the enclosure, detach it and place it back into the rear half.
[* black] Remove the front half of the handle enclosure.