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[* black] From the side, this thing is about as Apple as they come. Huge, honkin' Apple logo? Check. Cold, hard stainless steel? Check. Seamless construction? Check.
[* black] On the back we spot some ports: a 3.5 mm audio jack, two USB-Cs, two USB-As, two HDMIs, two 10Gb Ethernets, and a run-of-the-mill C13 power plug.
[* black] Ports are cool, but we're more excited about what's behind all that black plastic: eight PCIe slots, which adds up to more upgradability than we've seen from any Apple product in a long time.
[* black] From a bird's eye view, our eagle eyes spot two more USB-Cs and what looks like a power LED to the left of the power button?
[* black] We already got a look at the Mac Pro's two primary handles, but what's this third one hiding on the top?
[* black] Maybe it opens the computer? Nah, we know how Apple operates—we'll look for some Pentalobes.