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[title] Remove the battery
[* black] Apply a suction cup to the back of the battery by pressing down to create suction.
[* black] Pull up on the suction cup with strong, steady force to begin to separate the battery and the frame.
[* icon_note] If this is difficult, apply a few more drops of isopropyl alcohol underneath the battery, let it sit for two minutes, and try again.
[* black] Insert the point of an opening pick into the gap created between the battery and frame.
[* icon_caution] Don't insert the opening pick more than halfway or you risk damaging the fingerprint sensor underneath.
[* black] Pull up on the suction cup to remove the battery.
[* icon_note] The battery will come out without much force once the isopropyl alcohol has adequately penetrated the battery adhesive.
+[* icon_reminder] When reassembling your phone, apply [guide|137171|stretch release adhesive strips], double sided adhesive tape, or [guide|113604|pre-cut adhesive|new_window=true] to secure the new battery.