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[* black] Now would be the time to lay our hands on the stretch release pull tabs to get the battery out.
[* black] These tiny flaps might now have the correct proportions in relation to the phone size but still not that easy to grab—we’ll have to extend our thick grabbers with a pair of tweezers.
[* icon_reminder] Battery specs: 2227 mAh? [guide|133066|iPhone SE 2020|stepid=263369|new_window=true] is 6.96 Wh, iPhone 12 Pro Max 14.13 Wh
[* black] While all of its three siblings offer 15W QI wireless fast charging the mini version takes it a little bit more easy and brings it to 12W.
[* black] However when plugged in all four phones pump up their batteries with 20W fast charging.