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[* black] The smaller taptic engine still offers [https://youtu.be/ZQKPTo59v3s?t=6|enough rattle|new_window=true] for this device. (this might be an old joke reference I already brought somewhere else, delete if unwanted)
[* black] Since the [guide|137669|taptic engine already shrunk down|stepid=274760|new_window=true] compared to last years line up, even the mini version of this gen can handle it. No additional drains here!
[* black] While we indicated that there ''might'' have been enough space for a headphone jack in the bottom end of the 12 and 12 Pro, the taptic engine and speaker fit a whole lot better in the narrow corset of the 12 mini.
[* black] Getting all the standoff screws out for logic board excavation.