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-[* black] The fan's ease of removal simply astonishes us; four Phillips screws and a single connector secure the fan in place.
+[* black] The fan is the only modular, easily-removed component in the box—which is fortunate, as it's also the only moving component, subject to wear.
+ [* black] Also fortunate is how easy it is to remove—four Phillips screws and a plug later and we've got it out for closer inspection.
[* black] This SUNON MagLev [link|http://www.sunon.com.tw/products/pdf/DCFAN/HA4010_U.pdf|HA40101V4] DC brushless fan is rated for 12 volts at 0.8 W.
[* black] The fan's a standard, off-the-shelf part, so you can easily replace it if it kicks the bucket. Bo''ouya''.