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[title] The A7 Processor
[* black] According to Apple and most recently confirmed by Gizmodo through the [link|http://gizmodo.com/iphone-a7-chip-benchmarks-forget-the-specs-it-blows-e-1350717023|magic of benchmark tests|new_window=true], The A7 provides twice the performance of the 5 (and 5c)'s A6 processor.
[* black] The switch to the A7 marks the first use of a 64-bit processor in a smartphone. Based on [http://anandtech.com/show/7335/the-iphone-5s-review/2|AnandTech's review], it seems that the bulk of the A7's performance gains do not come from any advantages inherent to a 64-bit architecture, but rather from the switch from the outdated ARMv7 instruction set to the newly-designed [http://www.arm.com/files/downloads/ARMv8_white_paper_v5.pdf|ARMv8].
[* black] The modern ARMv8 instruction set was designed for a 64-bit architecture. It does away with the legacy support of the last 20 years, which increases efficiency, improving performance without sacrificing battery life.