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[* black] Well that about wraps it up.
[* black] What about the M7, you say?
[* black] For you, our fans, the world. Or rather, the M7.
[* black] Mysteriously absent from our [guide|17383|first pass at the iPhone 5S], we called Chipworks to the rescue!
[* black] From Chipworks:
[* black] "The M7 is dedicated to processing and translating the inputs provided to it by the discrete sensors; the gyroscope, accelerometer and electromagnetic compass are mounted throughout the main printed circuit board.
[* black] "Traditional Apple techniques lead us to believe that these discrete sensors will most likely be STMicroelectronics for the accelerometer and the gyroscope, while the electromagnetic compass would again be an Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM). We have since confirmed the compass to be AKM’s AK8963."