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[title] The M7 Co-ProcessorCoprocessor
[title] The M7 Co-ProcessorCoprocessor
[* black] The M7 was mysteriously absent from our [guide|17383|first pass at the iPhone 5s], therefore we called Chipworks to the rescue!
[* black] And the identification is in: The M7 is an NXP LPC18A1, part of the LPC1800 series of high-performing ARM Cortex-M3 based microcontrollers.
[* icon_note] This [guide|13682|isn't the first time|stepid=46008] we've seen a Cortex-M3 used for motion tracking.
[* black] From Chipworks: "The M7 is a new direction for Apple—in an effort to reduce power consumption, the M7 chip is dedicated to collecting and processing accelerometer, gyroscope and compass data."