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[title] RF and PA componentsComponents
[title] RF and PA componentsComponents
[* black] With all of the power of the new A7, exciting camera features, and the M7 coprocessor, it's easy to forget that smartphones are still phones, and making and taking calls ought to be a pretty high priority. This functionality is handled by an impressive array of RF components working together.
[* red] Skyworks SKY77810 2G/EDGE Power Amplifier
[* orange] Avago A792503 Band 25/3 Power Amplifier
[* yellow] RF Micro RF3763 Band 5/8 Dual Power Amplifier
[* green] Skyworks SKY77572 Band 18/19/20 Power Amplifier
[* blue] Skyworks SKY77496 Band 13/17 Power Amplifier
[* violet] TriQuint TQF6414 Band 1/4 Dual Power Amplifier