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[* icon_note] In the following steps you will be pulling the display up out of the phone body. The display is composed of a glass screen and a plastic bezel with metal clips.
[* icon_reminder] It will be easier to open the phone if you first heat the rear of the case with two iOpeners or similar. The heat will cause the case bottom to expand slightly, making it easier to pull the display upward. Likewise before closing the phone heating the case bottom will make it easier to push the display into place.
[* black] Regardless of the tool you use, '''you need to be sure you pull up the entire display'''.
[* black] If the glass begins to separate from the plastic, as shown in the first image, slide a plastic opening tool between the plastic frame and the metal phone body to pry the metal clips out of the case.
[* icon_reminder] If you are reassembling a phone with a separated display bezel, you may want to place a thin strip of adhesive between the plastic bezel and the glass to keep the phone closed.