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[* black] Remove the following screws securing the front panel assembly cable bracket to the logic board:
[* red] Two 1.7 mm Phillips #000 screws
[* orange] One 1.2 mm Phillips #000 screw
[* yellow] One 1.3 mm Phillips #000 screw
[* icon_note] This 1.3 mm screw tends to not be attracted to a magnetized screwdriver. Take care not to lose it when removing.
[* icon_caution] It is especially important to keep track of your screws in this step for reassembly. Accidentally using the 1.3 mm screw or one of the 1.7 mm screws in the bottom right hole will result in significant damage to the logic board causing the phone to no longer boot properly.
[* black] Hint: Using Sharpie pens with the same colors as the highlighted circles, touch the heads of the screws before removing them to easily identify where they go during reassembly. Yellow being hard to see, I use purple instead.