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[* black] More powerful than a [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pixy_Stix|Pixy Stick], our [product|IF145-002-2|spudger] makes removing the motherboard like taking candy from a baby.
[* black] We quickly spudge the wireless charging control and NFC board, which pops off the top. LG cleverly built this little board into an EMI shield assembly resting over the motherboard.
[* icon_note] This board reminds us a little of this [http://www.kirainet.com/english/kit-kat-varieties/|helpful KitKat map].
[* black] Taking a closer look, we find spring contacts to the NFC and Wireless charging pad, along with a slew of ~~chocolate~~ chips:
[* black] (lower bigger chip is Broadcom BCM 20793M)