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[* black] The Blu-ray/DVD drive is our next target, which is held in by a couple screws.
[* black] Unfortunately the PS4 is '''NOT''' backwards compatible with its past brethren. The Blu-Ray/DVD drive in the PS4 '''DOES NOT''' read PS3/PS2/PS1 discs.
[* black] But who needs an optical drive anymore, now that we've harnessed the [http://blog.amadeusconsulting.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/610_servers_datacentre_cloud-Copy.jpg|power of the cloud?|new_window=true]
[* black] That being the case, Sony plans to launch a game streaming service in 2014 powered by [link|http://www.gaikai.com/|Gaikai|new_window=true] tech, which will let you play PS3 games on a PS4. All the processing will be done ‘in the cloud’ by Sony’s servers, with just the video transmitted to your actual console.

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