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[* black] The dip stick will come out with oil covering the tip. On a diesel engine it is normal for the oil to be dark black; the oil is designed to hold the diesel soot in suspension. If this were a gas engine it would definitely be time to change the oil just by the visual appearance of it! On a diesel you'll have to go more by age or mileage.
+[* black] The oil level should fall somewhere between the notches on the tip of the stick. The notches mean:
+ [* red] Low - add oil
+ [* blue] Full
+[* black] If oil is at or below the Low notch add oil slowly, checking the level occasionally, until it reaches the Full notch.
+[* icon_caution] Never overfill your engine with oil! Especially on a diesel. It can be pulled in to the cylinders and it could lead to a run-away engine.

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