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[* black] Now that you have the bottom off of the kettle, you should identify all of the parts so that you know what you are looking at and working on. The YELLOW arrows point to the posts for mounting the control circuit components. The RED arrows are:
[* black] A - the power supply.
[* black] B - the Boil Dry switches; there are two (2) of them, one on either side of . . .
[* black] C - the power coupling, that plugs into the baseplate when you place the kettle on it.
[* black] D - the thermostat (the little metal ring, half hidden by the switch cover).
[* black] E - the manual ON/OFF switch.
[* black] F - the indicating light.
[* black] G - the 'steam chamber' that heats the thermostat to turn the kettle off automatically.

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