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[* black] The S5 Mini's battery must be installed by the user before firing up for the first time. We pop it in—and then claw it back out for some analysis.
-[* black] The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini features a Lithium-ion battery rated at 2100 mAh, 3.85 V, and 8.09 Wh.
+[* black] Our initial analysis says it's smaller than the battery from our Galaxy S5, but we flip them over to make sure.
+ [* black] Yep, it's smaller.
+[* black] The Galaxy S5 Mini's Lithium-ion battery is rated at 2100 mAh, 3.85 V, and 8.09 Wh.
[* icon_note] When you compare it to the 2800 mAh on the Galaxy S5, that's a 25% decrease in mAh.
[* black] Then again, the iPhone 5S's diminutive battery clocks in at just [guide|17383|1440 mAh|stepid=52335].
[* black] Capacity is one thing; how you use it is another. Will the Mini's smaller screen and slower processor make up for the lower capacity battery?