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[* icon_caution] '''BEFORE REMOVING SPEAKER PANEL: Note that a ribbon cable connecting the panel to the computer’s motherboard is present (red marker). Removing the speaker panel too forcefully could damage this cable and/or its connection, possibly causing severe, irreversible damage to the computer.'''
[* black] Now that the screw has been removed from the side of the computer, the purple speaker panel can be removed. Carefully lift the left side of the panel, unhook the right side, and remove the panel a couple inches from the computer, taking care not to pull beyond the length of the ribbon cable that secures it to the motherboard (red marker).
[* icon_note] To remove the ribbon cable (red marker), grip the cable near it's connection point and gently pull. The speaker board should now be fully separate from the computer.
[* black] ''NOTE: If you do not wish to replace the keyboard, proceed to "Step 4."''