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[title] Keyboard Removal
[* icon_caution] '''''BEFORE REMOVING THE KEYBOARD:''''' '''It is crucial that the user ground his/herself to avoid damaging sensitive hardware via static electricity. This can be accomplished by touching a faucet, a metal lamp that is plugged in, or the back of a desktop computer that is plugged into a wall outlet.'''
[* icon_caution] '''''ALSO NOTE:''''' '''A ribbon cable connecting the keyboard to the computer’s motherboard is present. Removing the keyboard too forcefully could damage this cable and/or its connection, possibly causing severe, irreversible damage to the computer. '''
[* black] With the speaker panel absent, the keyboard can be easily removed. Pull the keyboard a few inches from the computer, taking care not to pull beyond the length of the ribbon cable that secures it to the motherboard.
[* black] Identify the ribbon cable connecting the keyboard to the computer’s motherboard and its point of connection. Unplug the cable in the same manner described in ''Step 3.''
[* black] Once the cable is free from the motherboard, the keyboard is fully separated from the computer.