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-[* black] T6 security Torx? Who does that? Rude.
-[* black] Time to bust out the big guns: screw extracting pliers.
- [* icon_note] The upgrade omens are looking really grim, folks.
+[* black] Time to break down the door and see what's changed underneath. The plastic bottom cover snaps onto three screws. Three T6 Torx Security screws. Really? Rude.
+[* black] This is the smallest Torx Security screw we've ever seen—our kits go down to T7 security, so we asked our tool design team to get improvising.
+[* icon_note] Improvisation complete! Our packrat engineers produced a lone prototype T6 Torx Security screwdriver, abandoned because it was ridiculous when nobody had ever seen such a screw.
+[* black] Thanks, Apple.
+ [* icon_note] ''We'll get this ridiculous driver in the store shortly.''