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[title] Fan
[* black] Upon removal, the fan seems identical to the one from the previous model—but let's not be too quick to judge a fan by its cover.
[* black] ''Advanced Hydraulic Bearing''
[* black] Hmm. Interesting. What exactly is Advanced Hydraulic Bearing? Let's find out. According to [link|http://www.avc.com.tw/support_detail.asp?id=11|Asia Vital Components|new_window=true]:
[* black] AHB "consists of a polished steel shaft, a sintered bearing and fluid lubricant." In this system there "is no contact between shaft and bearing" and thus "the bearing load is carried solely by a film of fluid lubricant."
[* icon_note] AHB is best for fans that operate at a lower speed. It's better at absorbing shock and dampening vibration than traditional ball bearings, making for a quieter fan.