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[* black] With the EMI shields off, we can get a look at what makes this beast roar.
[* black] Lurking deep within the phone, the [guide|2204|A4 processor], manufactured by Samsung, is the centralized unit that provides the iPhone 4 with the much needed computing power.
[* black] Replacing the Samsung S5PC100 ARM A8 600 MHz CPU used in the 3GS, the new iPhone uses the 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 core, much like its bigger sibling, the [guide|2183|iPad].
[* icon_note] The new Samsung Wave S8500 smartphone [http://www.techeye.net/chips/samsung-wave-s8500-has-same-processor-as-ipad|uses the same Cortex A8 core]!
-[* black] 3 mm x 3 mm STMicro 33DH 3-axis accelerometer: BG7AX.
-[* black] The AGD1 is the NEW 3 axis gyroscope that we believe is designed and manufactured for Apple by ST Micro. The package marks on this device do not appear to be the currently available commercial part, L3G4200D. The commercial version of this gyro is yet to come out— Apple got first dibs on it.