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[* black] I did not experience any obvious problems whilst replacing the left or right CPU fans from the logic board, however after the fans were replaced and the computer was reassembled, when I booted the computer up to check the fans were functioning properly the third party fan control software I had installed indicated that the left fan wasn't working
[* black] Upon discovering left fan failure I immediately commenced thinking that either the new left fan I had been supplied may potentially be faulty, or that the logic board may be faulty. NB: It is extremely difficult to test these new fans are working prior to installing them.
[* black] There is a video on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmYE5Qtda2k) in which a guy successfully establishes that a laptop CPU cooling fan (like the one needed for this repair) works correctly, by using a 9 volt battery. However the fan he tested was a type that only had 2 wires to plug into the logic board.
[* black] The fans Apple install in their MacBook Pro computers have 4 wire’s that attach to the logic board, instead of two (the other two wires are for controlling fan speed evidently). I did not find a way of testing if a 4 wired fan is working correctly prior to installing it, so I had to commence the repair hoping that the new fan I purchased worked
[* black] Upon learning that the new left fan unit that had been installed was not working, I stripped the computer down again to remove the left fan and in order to establish if the left fan, or its wiring, or the logic board were faulty.
[* black] I decided to unplug the right fan connection lead from the logic board and then plugged the left fan into it, following which I then installed the battery and booted the computer up whilst it was in a stripped down state so that I could visibly see immediately whether, or not, the left fan was spinning.
[* black] This process confirmed that the left fan WAS working OK, and thus confirmed that there must be a problem with the left fan push on connection on the logic board. NB: It was not necessary to remove the right fan assembly to test the left fan using the right fan connection on the logic board.
[* black] However, because the connection lead on the fan is very short, and because this meant that the fan was resting on top of the logic board, I placed the plastic spudger tool under the metal casing of the left fan assembly to ensure that none of the metal fan casing could touch any components on the logic board whilst the computer was booted up.