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[* black] By the thirteenth revision, the chips on the mother board had been moved around several times.
[* black] The largest chips are MOS Technology's 6507 CPU and 6532 '''R'''am-'''I/O'''-'''T'''imer (RIOT) chips. By the current revision, the they were manufactured by Motorola and Synertec, respectively.
[* black] Atari's custom chip, the '''T'''elevision '''I'''nterface '''A'''dapter [|(TIA)] is the moneymaker of the 2600, as it allowed for multiple colors, increased graphic capabilities, and sound.
[* black] Because memory was so expensive during the 2600's design, the video processor has no external RAM. As a result the Atari can only generate one line of video at a time.
[* black] There are six components of video that the TIA can create: The playing field, Two sprites (8 pixel lines), a "ball" (single pixel), and two "missiles" (two pixel lines). Combinations of these elements allowed for the complex video witnessed in the 2600.