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-[* icon_caution] Using a 1kohm resistor jig (wrap the wire of the resistor except the ends with electrical tape, use alligator clips, etc) connect the wires between the two RED CIRCLES shown. Maintain the connection for at least ten seconds.
-[* yellow] The yellow circled hole should have its screw intact. It does not in this picture, but for proper discharging of the capacitor that screw needs to be inserted. It is a small, bronze/red screw.
-[* red] Connect the wired resistor to these points in red.
+[* icon_caution] Charged capacitors can cause personal injury or damage the device. Use caution when proceeding.
+[* red] Discharge the capacitor by connecting the resistor jig between the highlighted squares.
+ [* icon_note] Keep the resistor jig in place for at least ten seconds.
+ [* icon_note] Create a 1kohm resistor jig (wrap the resistor with electrical tape leaving the ends exposed, use alligator clips, etc).
[* icon_note] For reference, consult the service manual. [https://docs.sony.com/release/mdsm/983465933_sm.pdf#page=24|Click to go to the service manual page on discharging the capacitor.]

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