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[* black] Like the [guide|3625|Apple TV|stepid=17318], there is an interesting set of unused solder pads near the edge of the logic board. These are likely used for testing during development.
[* red] The Qualcomm PM8028 chip works in conjunction the Qualcomm MDM6600 to provide wireless data connection to the phone.
[* orange] A Cirrus Logic CLI1495B0 audio codec is in the Apple-branded package labeled 338S0589.
[* yellow] Avago A2FIO46
[* green] Skyworks SKY77711 and SKY77710 power amplifiers
[* icon_note] These photos belie how small all these chips are. We'd be lost without the help of a good lens and a [product|IF145-049|magnifying loupe].

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