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-[* black] The metal shield covering all the tiny chips within the iphone.
-[* black] To remove this shield you will need a flat head screwdriver.
-[* black] Insert screwdriver parallel to tab just above tab on motherboard. Twist gently about 45 degrees, moveing along row of tabs from near connector 1 to the join of metal cover.
-[* black] Move to the opposite side of the metal shield near connector 5 and 6 and repeat above step with screwdriver.
-[* black] Slip screwdriver under cover, angling upwards toward metal shield so that you are applying no pressure to internal components. Insert screwdriver along the join of metal shield.
-[* black] Move to the other half of the shield and insert screwdriver to tabs along side near connector 4. It is not advisable to lever tabs surrounding connector 4 as you may damage tiny fuses by accident.
-[* black] Lever tabs along bottom edge closest to where dock connector would sit.
-[* black] Finally insert screwdriver up and under shield angling upwards again and use screwdriver to lever up join using slight turns as you move along the join. The metal shield should then be able to be lift free.
+[title] Removing the logic board shield cover
+[* icon_caution] Removing this shield may not be necessary and doing so risks damaging the small components mounted on the logic board. If you decide to remove the shield proceed cautiously and use a plastic tool such as a [product|IF145-002|spudger]. You may need to whittle a sharper edge on the tool.
+[* violet] Look for the dimpled tabs on the shield that reach down over the tabs attached to the mother board.
+[* black] Using your plastic tool, catch the edge of a dimpled tab near a corner of the shield and pry it up away from the logic board.

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