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[* icon_note] If you are installing a replacement trackpad that didn't come with the attached flex cable, you'll need to use the cable from your old trackpad.
[* black] To remove the flex cable from the old trackpad, first flip open the latch on the [guide|25629|ZIF connector|stepid=64969|new_window=true], opposite the cable. Then, apply a little heat from a hair dryer or [guide|25705|iOpener|new_window=true] to soften the adhesive securing the cable to the trackpad, and carefully peel off and remove the cable.
[* icon_reminder] When installing your new trackpad, routing the cable through the upper case and past the logic board may be difficult. It is helpful to use the tip of a spudger to guide the connector past the logic board while pushing the cable through its slot in the upper case with your other hand.